Oh my word! It's been far too long since I've written on here. I'll cut to the chase though and talk about why we're all here... VACAY!

I want to preface all of this information by saying I am not bragging in any way shape or form about this vacation! I am sharing the details for others to possibly enjoy! 

We stayed at the all inclusive resort in Nassau, Bahamas called Melia. It was so much better than I could have ever imagined. 
All food, gratuity, drinks, E V E R Y T H I N G is included!

The restaurants included a Japanese hibachi, Mexican, Italian, a lunch grill by the pool, tapas bar, and of course the buffet. You could order anything and everything you like at these restaurants... you could order 2 if you really enjoyed it and wanted more! It was a dream to just walk out of the restaurant and go for a walk of the beach when we were finished. Never having to wait for a check! We left our wallets and personal items in the rooms' safe and never reached for them during our vacation. Except, to use for my daily Starbucks trip which was inside Melia! 

Melia sits next to a huge brand new resort, Baha Mar, built only 2 years ago. There was a path connecting the two and it was very easy to visit, which we did daily because our friends were staying there. Baha Mar is way fancier and more expensive but I also recommend it based on our friends experience. However, it is not all inclusive and the meals there run very expensive $60-350+ for 2 people depending on where you go. Within Baha Mar there is a very large casino as well as luxury shopping including Tiffany & Co., Lilly Pulitzer, David Yurman and Cartier. It was fun to visit but I personally wouldn't have wanted to stay there for the type of trip James and I were wanting to have. 

The rooms were not fussy and very clean, the staff was very friendly and kind! We felt very safe and enjoyed every minute of being there. I would recommend this place to anyone... families and newly weds alike.

Anyways, message me on here or on Instagram for any other questions you might have! I will link the resort here:


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