So, what exactly do you do?

Hey everyone, it's Caroline!
I'm thrilled to finally have a place to share my life, more than just the snapshots on Instagram. This website has been a dream of mine for such along time now that I feel a slight amount of pressure for it to be as perfect as I can achieve. With that being said, I'm not 100% sure where to start on this blog thing. I don't even know if I would call this a blog... What I do know is that this will be a place for be to share. Share my stories, recipes, makeup tips, and occasional outfit of the day. With that little introduction out of the way I guess I will share a little bit more of who I am!

I promise, I don't want this to come off as another bio or about me page because that just seems unnecessary. My name is Caroline Lee White and I am a 22 year old college drop out. Let me just get this part out of the way because it seems like everyone wants to know... my job.

"So, what exactly do you do?"

It's funny to me that this question gets asked to me more than anything. I mean, I get it. I subject myself to constant questions because I am very transparent on the internet. I share so much of my life it's only natural for people to have questions. 

Short answer - I own Classically Caroline, LLC. 

Long answer - I do hair and makeup for weddings and I sell my own cosmetic line! Shameless plug, it is for sale now on this website! *yay* In addition to that I work for Lilly Pulitzer. Which is a new part-time thing for me. You see, with my job being what it is the typical Monday-Friday workweek is none existent for me. When the holidays were over and we got a little bit more settled into newly-wed life I decided I needed a part-time job on weekdays. I don't do well when I am not productive or feeling purposeful. So there you have it, the long answer! I have three jobs currently: Caroline White Cosmetics, Classically Caroline hair and makeup services, and Lilly Pulitzer! 

Like I said before I am so thankful to finally have a place to share. James and I have so many dreams and plans for what this could become! Videos, many more makeup products to come... The possibilities are endless! If YOU have anything you'd like me to talk about or share a blog post on please let me know!



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  • Danielle Stanley

    This is so fabulous! Keep pursuing your dreams, the sky is the limit. So proud of you… xoxo

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