Self Tanning 101

Contrary to popular belief, not every spray tan will make you look orange. I have had MANY positive and negative experiences with spray tanning! So I'm here to tell you what works so you can skip the whole spray tan disaster. There are so many tips and tricks I have for the best self tanning payoff! It is important to remember that these are all things that have worked for me. You might have to try some of these suggestions and see what works for you! Enough of the intro lets get to it...

My Self Tanning Process: 

1. 1 day prior to tanning I take a really long steamy shower.
    - Exfoliate
    - Shave
    - CAROLINE'S TIP: After I have showered off and my skin steamed, I take a DRY washcloth and gently rub my skin. Why? I almost always see dead skin peel up and flake off, ew. Trust me it's gross but I do that to almost my entire body and it just makes the fake tan application that much better. 

2. Day (night) of self tanning! I wait till my bedtime routine to tan.
    - Showered: NO shaving, NO lotion, NO exfoliating
    - CAROLINE'S TIP: After I have gotten almost completely ready for bed I start my self tanning process. Why? Because water and sweat are self tanning's worst nightmare. They can make your tan splotchy, or have water spots! I always use my tanning-mitt and I use spray or mousse... no preference to either. 

    - Skin is clean and dry
    - Skin has NO lotion or deodorant
    - CAROLINE'S TIP: Have your tanner, tanning-mitt, a towel you don't care about getting tanner on, and pajamas ready! (For the pajamas, I HIGHLY recommend a long sleeve t-shirt and loose pants.) Now it's time to tan yourself!!! After you have finished and dried a little bit, oh so carefully get into those pajamas. I know it's sometimes uncomfortable to sleep in long sleeve and pants but its worth it. Why? Because naturally we toss and turn in our sleep... bending our arms and legs! Why does that matter? You run the risk of having giant tan splotches in those bends if your don't have the sleeves or pants on. 

4. USE YOUR LOTION or the tanner won't last!
(ONE WITHOUT ANY MINERAL OIL - I'll link my favorite)

Taking That Tanner Off!

What you'll need:
1. Exfoliator (I'll link my fav)
2. Razor 
3. Lotion (I'll link my fav)
4. Washcloths

- Take a long shower
- Use an exfoliator 
- Shave 
- Dry off + reference my pre-tanning shower dry washcloth tip
- Lotion

And that's it! If you have any questions or I forgot anything please comment below... or message me. I hope this helps! 

EMOTIONAL RANT: There is NO NEED to lay in the sun without SPF or use a tanning bed anymore with how amazing sunless tanners are these days... Cancer sucks. So don't do it, 
just don't. Wrinkles aren't something you want sooner than later. I'm done now!

XO, Caroline


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