James Evans White III

Well, it's been a while since I've written anything. That's partly because I really only write when I have something to say and I haven't recently.

But now while I wait for my baby boy to arrive I am delighted to share a little of my joy here. As I write this I am 29 weeks pregnant! Which means I only have a few months left. This pregnancy has been a dream honestly... Other than the first few weeks being a challenge with nausea and hormonal breakouts! Weeks 6-8 were tough. I know it isn't always the case for many women to enjoy pregnancy so I am thankful. 

My second trimester flew by without any problems! I kept asking every appointment if there was something I should be doing to prepare! And every time I asked this the response was the same, to just cruise through weeks 20-30 because there really isn't much to do yet. 

Next week, week 30, my appointments will be every other weeks throughout the rest of this pregnancy. I'm so looking forward to this last trimester and the arrival of Tripp! My only "symptoms" now are that I'm slowing down a little. I find that I can't keep up with everything I used to do or want to do now. I crave Culver's cheese burger every now and then and smoothies!

And here is my sweet baby's nursery!
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