Being a Disney Princess

Y'all! I am so excited to share (a little) with you about my experience at Walt Disney World. I asked my followers if there was anything they've ever wondered about being a princess in order to give me some direction on where to start! Now, I know there is so much secrecy and mystery around this job, and for a very good reason... MAGIC! *cue glitter and confetti* 

Unfortunately, I will not be able share the answer to everything. Trust me though, the magic is much better when you don't know it all!

Question: "Do you have to come to work makeup ready or do you apply it on the job?"
Answer: No, I did not come to work with makeup on. It is frowned upon to do so! However, the occasional application of my primer, foundation, and concealer beforehand did happen. It is worked into the schedule to apply makeup and such!

Question: "What characters did you get to portray?"
Answer: I was friends with Ariel and Rapunzel

Question: "Were there any struggles on and off the job?"
Answer: You know, this is a really good question and I have multiple answers to it. First off, every job has pros and cons... yes even being a princess. I think the hardest part for me personally was being 18 years old and not knowing how to be an adult sometimes. I often lost sight of who I was... dressing up every day and being someone else didn't help that. I struggled with being blue and lonely sometimes. Which, looking back on it is so ironic because I met people and talked to visitors all day long but still felt lonely. Everyone goes through struggles! It is SO important to remember even when things look perfect on the outside... EVERYONE, I mean everyone, is fighting their own inner battles. 

Question: "How did you become a Disney Princess?"
Answer: Short answer, I went to an audition! Character audition schedules can be found here!

Question: "What are some audition tips for someone who has no prior experience preforming?"
I didn't really have "preforming experience" - I had, however, been a mediocre dancer from elementary through high school. I showed up to the audition when they were in ATL wearing white skinny jeans and a pink blouse! Don't believe everything people say about "you have to wear ____" and "you have to do your makeup like ____". BE YOU! That's so cliche, but I mean it. I did what made me feel most confident... Which happened to be a cute outfit and full face of makeup + false lashes. But I know girls who got hired with practically no makeup and athletic clothes on. You don't have to dress like your character... or wear a certain outfit... or do your hair/makeup a particular way. Just be the best version of yourself, have confidence, and smile genuinely. Here is what I looked like at my audition:

Question: "Do they teach you how to do the makeup and what products to use?"
Answer: Yes! I will not be sharing too much more on that topic because it's kind of part of that Disney magic.

Question: "Will you do a tutorial of how you did you makeup for each character?"
Answer: No, sorry! I'll never do that unfortunately.

Question: "How many times did you audition?"
Answer: Twice! I showed up to my first audition in Orlando, Florida when I was 17... too young. So, they kept my info and told me to come back when I was 18. I did. And they remembered me!

Question: "What made you decide to work at Disney?"
Answer: I wasn't ready to go to college! Taking a year to work full-time and really figure out who I was and what I wanted to do was the best thing I could have ever done. 

Question: "Is it true you only make minimum wage?"
Answer: No, thats not true. 

Question: "What makeup products/techniques do you still use?"
Answer: I learned so much from doing my makeup at Disney. My favorite part of my job was sitting in cosmetology getting ready with all the girls. There could be anywhere from 5 to 20 people getting ready all at once. It was truly one of the most fun parts of the job for me. 

Question: "Where was your favorite location to work?"
Answer: EPCOT! Because, my favorite human in the entire world works there! (See picture below)

Question: "Is there an age limit?"
Answer: You know, I can't speak on behalf of Disney. However, I was portraying teenagers. So, I would say yes, you have to look a certain age. 

Question: "Do you have to be able to sing?"
Answer: No, thank goodness! Not in the position I had.

Question: "What was your weirdest Disney story?"
Answer: Ooooooh, the stories I could tell. 

Question: "Did you do the College Program (CP)?"
Answer: No, I was a full-time employee. 

Question: "Do you get to pick who you are?"
Answer: No, not at all. Hair color and eye color have nothing to do with characters you get. Example: I have blonde hair and green eyes but that does not mean I get to be Cinderella. 

Question: "Can you just start being any princess?"
Answer: No, the training process is very extensive and time consuming. It is a privilege to be given additional characters because it is such a lengthy process to be trained. 

Question: "What specific things do casting directors look for and how can I prepare for these things?"
Answer: (I can't and don't speak on behalf of Disney) Here's the thing, portraying a princess means there are requirements. Some of which, I did nothing to "prepare for" such as my facial features and bone structure. Unfortunately not everyone can be a Disney princess... Not because someone isn't beautiful enough, but because they are SO specific as to what they are looking for. Height, weight, build, teeth, skin, completion, nose, and blah blah blah. These things come into consideration! Honestly, the answer is something most people don't want to hear. There isn't really any way to prepare. The fact of the matter is that if I happened to be 5-7 inches taller than I am I probably wouldn't have been hired. If you aren't hired or picked at an audition it does't mean you aren't beautiful, perfect or "enough". You are exactly the way God made you to be! If you want my opinion, the real princesses are the people who are beautiful from the inside... Kindness, compassion, and generosity are more beautiful characteristics than anything outward. 

Here are some of my favorite memories:

This last photo was my mom being the last person I met in character. It was emotional to say the least, I sobbed. 



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  • Linda Hayman

    One of our most fond Disney memories was our breakfast in the castle and seeing you in character. Loved spending time with you that week as well. You were a wonderful princess!

  • Anna Johnson

    You were a beautiful Disney princess both inside and out. I enjoyed seeing you as both Princesses during your time!

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